Wahl Blade Ice Coolant Lubricant & Cleaner - 14 OZ

by Wahl
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SKU WAHL-533218

Wahl Blade Ice Coolant Lubricant & Cleaner - 14 OZ: Keep Your Blades Cool, Clean, and Lubricated

Wahl presents the Blade Ice Coolant Lubricant & Cleaner, a high-performance solution designed to enhance the lifespan and performance of your clipper blades. This improved formula is specifically crafted to clean, lubricate, and cool hot blades, ensuring optimal functionality during grooming sessions.

Experience the difference with Wahl's Blade Ice Coolant Lubricant & Cleaner. Designed to meet the needs of professional groomers and barbers, this versatile solution ensures that your clipper blades remain in top condition, delivering exceptional results with every use.

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