Wahl Storage Box With Magnetic Premium Attachment Combs

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SKU: Wahl-53172

Wahl Storage Box With Magnetic Premium Attachment Combs: Organized Precision Grooming

Elevate your grooming game with the Wahl Storage Box featuring Magnetic Premium Attachment Combs. This comprehensive kit includes six magnetic premium guide combs designed for a perfect fit with the MAGCLICK System. The MAGCLICK technology ensures a secure attachment to the blade set, confirmed with a satisfying click sound, providing confidence in every grooming session.

Upgrade your grooming toolkit with the Wahl Storage Box With Magnetic Premium Attachment Combs, ensuring organized, precise, and efficient grooming sessions. Perfect for professional groomers and barbers seeking top-notch quality and convenience in their tools.

Key Features

MAGCLICK System for Secure Attachment: Experience the convenience of the MAGCLICK System, where a reassuring click confirms that the attachment is securely fastened to the blade set. This innovative feature enhances precision and efficiency during grooming.

Adjustable Storage Box: Keep your attachment combs neatly organized with the adjustable storage box. The box offers two positions for optimal storage, allowing for easy access to the attachment combs while maintaining a clutter-free workspace.

Clear Visibility of Length Information: Each attachment comb is designed for clear visibility, displaying length information for quick and easy selection. The indicated length on the attachment comb corresponds with the cutting length of the closed blade set, ensuring accuracy in your grooming process.

Fits Various WAHL Clippers: Enjoy compatibility with a range of WAHL Clippers, including Chomado, Bravura, Beretto, Li+Pro2, Motion, and Lithium Arco. This versatile storage box and attachment comb set caters to a variety of grooming needs.

Kit Includes
  • 1 Adjustable Storage Box
  • 6 Magnetic Premium Attachment Combs:½ (1.5mm)
    1 (3.0mm)
    1½ (4.5mm)
    2 (6.0mm)
    3 (9.0mm)
    4 (12.0mm)

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